Building an Investible Business: Tips for Entrepreneurs in the Caribbean

Building an Investible Business: Tips for Entrepreneurs in the Caribbean

As an entrepreneur, you may reach a point where you want to raise external funding to help scale your business or decide to bootstrap with your personal funds and those of close friends and family. If you’ve chosen the former, it’s crucial to make sure that your business is one that investors are willing to […]

Mistakes Companies Make When Trying to Raise Capital

Mistakes Companies Make When Raising Capital

Large and established companies typically have little issues in raising capital as they are highly sought after by conservative investors. Further, as previously discussed, raising funding for startups and smaller companies is primarily dictated by how much they can de-risk the opportunities for investors. Here, we want to focus on the intricacies of raising capital […]

How the Wrong Funding Decision Can Destroy the Value of Your Business

The wrong funding decision can destroy the value of your business

When a business’ financing requirements exceed the limits of its internal sources and cash flows from business operations are insufficient, it must then decide which type of external financing best suited to its needs. In other words, your business needs more money than you have, and it is time to find those funds to keep […]

How to De-Risk Your Startup for Investors

De-Risk Your Startup for Investors

In the last article, I detailed my first experience of being denied funding. My business partner and I tried to pitch and raise capital for our own tech startup and were unable to convince the investor to say yes, despite our research, passion, and best efforts. We failed to secure the funding because we did not sufficiently […]

Failing to Raise Money Can be the Greatest Thing That Ever Happened

Every business starts with an idea. Even the greatest idea can remain undeveloped without the money to make it happen. If you have ever taken the time to develop a business plan, perfect your pitch, and deliver it to investors, there is only one desired outcome: to win the investment. I started off my career […]

Are You Ready to Take Your Company Public?

The time to consider taking your company public is often just as you have gotten your business to a certain level of success. Your product or service is in high demand by the customers you targeted, your team and staff are excited to be part of such a fantastic growing company, your business is featured […]

Do You Need a Business Valuation?

Do You Need a Business Valuation?

As we continue to grow and operate our businesses, we need to understand the levels at which our companies are increasing in value on an annual basis… It all starts with an idea, our brands, our businesses – these were mere ideas in our heads that we took the time to flesh out, structure, and […]