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We Build Value.

Our Standard Is Excellence

Empowering business owners is something we do extremely well at KevinValue. Every deal we facilitate is rooted in our passion to help business owners achieve a sense of dignity about their life’s work. This means giving our clients personalized communication, executing due diligence like we would our own and building relationships with investors with our client’s welfare at the helm of our communication.

Our hands-on experience is matchless. With over a decade of closing deals for business owners who want to increase their value, we understand the nuances, intricacies and processes of raising capital. From communication to close we’re dedicated to helping our clients feel supported in achieving their business goals.

Are you building a valued business?

Scale, exit or raise capital at a high valuation.
Make a positive impact on the world.

Based on 15+ years of experience evaluating businesses for debt and capital investment, we’ve observed that there are 6 common characteristics that make a business scalable, investible, and highly valuable:

Visionary leadership

Can your business survive without you?

ACTIVe cash flow generation

Are you cash flow-positive?

Long-term mindset

A company with a plan is worth a lot more than a company without one

Utility to investors

Are you ready to face investors?

Efficient operations & governance

The backbone of your business

defensible competitive position

A high-quality business that is set apart from the competition

Who We Work With

Our clients typically face the following unique situations which lead them to work with us:

  • Your company might be well past the start-up stage as it has garnered some years of operations, financial performance, and track record under its belt.
  • The business may still rely heavily on you, the CEO, and the founding team for ideas and business development. It might also lack a fully built-out succession plan, and is probably funded by a limited group of private investors.
  • The company is growth-focused, but the cash it generates is not always enough to make your expansion dreams come true. These dreams may include entry into new market segments, expansion into another geographic location, or hiring highly skilled and specialized resources.
  • You’ve been essentially bootstrapping your business and need external funding to scale your operations.

Founder & Managing Director

Kevin C. Valley, CBV

Our founder, prinicpal consultant and CEO, Kevin Valley, specializes in helping investible businesses demonstrate their value and close deals with confidence. 

As a Chartered Business Valuator, he has completed over 100 reports assessing companies’ value and suitability for debt and equity investment. Kevin is also partner at Aspire Fund Management, a Caribbean-domiciled, sector-agnostic Private Equity firm where he lends his unique inisight, experience and abilities to the firm.

 Kevin is often a featured speaker at media outlets, podcasts, television stations, and business and educational events on business development, strategy, and capital raising and is the creator, host, and producer of the Caribbean Power Lunch: A podcast with over 80 episodes which have been published featuring entrepreneurs, investment professionals, and industry experts from the Caribbean region

Connect With Kevin:

KevinValue is a business consulting firm that specializes in helping business owners and leaders to determine the value of their businesses, raise capital from investors, scale, and maximize their contribution to the world. 

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