From Daydreams to Purpose: How Environment and Resilience Drive Performance

Kevin Valley | What I Have Learned

Your environment dictates your performance. Daniel Priestly, the author of the internationally bestselling book, “Key Person of Influence”, firmly believes this declaration. Initially obsessed with the notion that success is determined by attitude, skills and personal development, his journey to understanding what makes a person successful led him to the remarkable realization, “anyone can become […]

Why Ideas Have No Value

Why Ideas Have No Value

Transforming an idea into an asset is the key to creating valuable intellectual property. Entrepreneurs dream of business ventures that would change their lives, impact lots of people, and bring in the big bucks. Finding the right venture is a combination of understanding the market’s needs, conceptualizing an innovative solution, and being able to develop that idea into a […]

Getting Your Business Ready for Sale

Getting Your Business Ready for Sale

Selling your business can be a great way to generate liquidity for yourself as a reward for your creativity, hard work, and perseverance to get your business to this point. The decision to sell should be a long-term strategic decision though, as opposed to a short-term reaction to negative developments. Thus, the process of preparing […]

How to Become Investible through Succesion Planning

How to Become Investible through Succession Planning

Can your business survive without you? This question is considered by many business owners as their business grows, transitioning from a small to medium-sized business. The owner may be itching to move on to the next new venture, or, after working non-stop for years, they are looking for an opportunity to step away, take a […]

How to De-Risk Your Startup for Investors

De-Risk Your Startup for Investors

In the last article, I detailed my first experience of being denied funding. My business partner and I tried to pitch and raise capital for our own tech startup and were unable to convince the investor to say yes, despite our research, passion, and best efforts. We failed to secure the funding because we did not sufficiently […]

Failing to Raise Money Can be the Greatest Thing That Ever Happened

Every business starts with an idea. Even the greatest idea can remain undeveloped without the money to make it happen. If you have ever taken the time to develop a business plan, perfect your pitch, and deliver it to investors, there is only one desired outcome: to win the investment. I started off my career […]

Are You Ready to Take Your Company Public?

The time to consider taking your company public is often just as you have gotten your business to a certain level of success. Your product or service is in high demand by the customers you targeted, your team and staff are excited to be part of such a fantastic growing company, your business is featured […]

Do You Need a Business Valuation?

Do You Need a Business Valuation?

As we continue to grow and operate our businesses, we need to understand the levels at which our companies are increasing in value on an annual basis… It all starts with an idea, our brands, our businesses – these were mere ideas in our heads that we took the time to flesh out, structure, and […]